University Consultancy Cell (UCC) has been established to promote technical know- how and expertise of the faculty/staff of the University. The consultancy services shall act as effective agent for technological, industrial and economic development in the society.

Keeping in mind the intellectual strength of Central University of Haryana, growing awareness about innovative research of commercial value and the need for collaboration with other organization for mutual benefits, the Consultancy policy have been formulated to provide guidance to the faculty/staff of the University interested in the consultancy works.

The Consultancy Policy Manual specifies the rules and norms of University regarding consultancy and obligations depending upon the nature of consultancy.

Name Designation Contact
Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh Director +91-7237986500
Dr. Sumit Deputy Director (Department of Electrical Engineering) +91-9416141343
Dr. Anoop Yadav Deputy Director (Department of Environment Studies) +91-9215346542
Mr. Deepak Kumar LDC Email- consultancy@cuh[dot]ac[dot]in
Sr. No. Document Name Action
1 Consultancy claim form Download
1 Consultancy Policy Manual Download
2 Advisory Committee - Notification Download
3 Consultancy Approval Committee - Notification Download
4 Department of Civil Engineering - Routine Testing Consultancy Rates Download
5 University Consultancy Bank account Details. Download
6 Consultancy Fee Performa Download