Objective of the Chair

This Chair has been established by University Grants Commission for five years and can be extended for two more years. Its main objective is to preach and propagate lifetime achievements of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, mainly his visionary social reforms through Seminars/Workshops/Summer Schools and research projects. Also to contribute and participate in such activities organized by other Universities/Research Institutes/Chairs throughout the country.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati : Harbinger of Renaissance

Swami Dayanand Saraswati (1824-1883)was one of the pioneers of Indian Renaissance and an eminent world figure of 19th century. He made great contribution for the uplift of Indian society. Dayanand welcomed the new scientific and technological advancement of 19th century. He directed that there must be a national law for compulsory Education for all boys and all girls, which must be equal in its true sense. The Institution for boys and girls must be separate and their location must be far away from each other. There must be mutual love, affection, fraternity, tenderness, sensibility, philanthropy and equality in the society at large. He paved the way for scientific advancement, logical thinking and financial transparency. Swami Dayanand really formed a solid ground for the independence of the country.

Aim of Dayanand : All Round Development of Society

Dayanand confirmed with facts that Veda is the fountain head of true knowledge. At first he contributed his magnum opus and true path finder of Vedic interpretation the ‘Ṛgvedādibhāṣyabhūmikā’ and then came his commentary on the Vedas. He brought reform to individual and social life and set the norms based on values by publishing his great works like ‘Satyārthaprakāśa’, ‘Saṉskāravidhi’ and ‘Vyavahārabhānu’. He paved the way of promotion and protection of cow and agriculture by writing ‘Gokaruṇānidhi’ and by initiating‘Go-kṛṣyādirakṣiṇī-sabhā’. He got submitted a memorandum to the then Viceroy - Lord Ripen, supported by lakhs of signatures, for imposing total ban on slaughtering of cows. For strengthening socio-religious unity, Dayanand called meetings of heads of different religious sects many times and at many places, so that, debates and deliberations may be held and one supreme Vedic religion, embodying all other sects, be founded. He denounced false beliefs and bad practices of different sects, so that, social transformation may be effected. Dayanand also widely and repeatedly travelled amongst all local states and tried his best to strike unity among the princes for one common goal of independence of India. Dayanand was first to declare independent state as the best state in comparison to good governance of foreign rule. He adopted Hindi medium for his works and speeches and consequently it received a boom and was greatly benefited. Dayanand fixed the targets for whole population of India - one nation - Āryāvarta, one cast - Āryajāti, one religion - Vedic dharma and one lauguage - Āryabhāṣā. Dayanand laid foundation of a great and universally beneficial institution namely ‘Arya Samaj’ to propagate and communicate his visionary ideas. Thousands of branches of Arya Samaj and thousands of its Educational Institutions are doing their best to create a world which was dreamt by Dayanand. Rejuvenescence of Veda and Vedic Interpretation Swami Dayanand Saraswati got known again the divinity, self-authenticity and continuity of Veda which was forgotten upto that age . Dayanand made it known that there are only two types of words in the text of Veda, i.e. derived and semi derived. Since nature of Veda is eternal therefore underived(rūḍha) words and local history are not relevant to it. Later commentators of Veda e.g. Sayan etc. are having illusion to see the terms in Vedic texts same to the names of persons, places and things found in local world and personify them with Vedic words. This tendency is totally confusing and false, because of this people trace local history in eternal Veda. This practice has changed the status of Veda. Dayanand claimed that Veda is eternal and is the fountain head of all true knowledge. Above is a humble try to record some information regarding the visionary mission and achievements of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. This chair has taken up some topics amongst them for research. Any of teachers, non-teaching workers and students desirous to know more and interact, is most welcome. The Vedic Reference Library of the Chair is open for all.

Prof. Ranvir Singh, Chair Professor
Designation: Chair Professor,Swami Dayanand Saraswati Chair
Email ID: ranvirsingh@cuh.ac.in
Specialization: Vedic Studies, Lexicography, Literary Criticism, Manuscriptology
Experience: 40+ Years
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