Application form for opening Internet Account
Application Form for Vigilance Clearance Certificate
Honorarium/Sitting Fee (Without TA) Claim Form
Application for Joining Report
Application for Refresher Course/Orientation Programe/Induction Programe
Application form for LTC
Application form for claiming special cash package equivalent in lieu of LTC for the block 2018 – 2021
Requisition Form for Conference Room New Academic Block I
Application for miscellaneous advance
Requisition Form for
booking of virtual Classroom
Form for New Joining
Travelling and Halting Allowance Bill Form
ASAR(Annual Self Assessment Report) proforma for University Teachers and Librarians
Application form for Staff ID CARD.
Requisition form for Books/E-Books/Journals/CDs/DVDs
Form For Claiming Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy-For Regular Staff
Joint declaration for claiming reimbursement of medical expenses/leave travel concession/children education allowance
Medical Treatment Card Format
Proforma for the approval of Photography or Videography
Leave Application Proforma- Non Faculty
Leave Application Proforma- Faculty
Leave Application Proforma- Contractual Faculty
Demand Voucher
Vehicle Parking Form
CCTV Footage Request form
Proforma for document uploading on University Web Site
Proforma for Guest House
Requisition Form for
Notice: Submit the proof of saving
Proforma for continuity of service.
Oath of office, secrecy and allegiance
Absentee Proforma
Administrative and Financial Sanction Form
Form of the Application for claiming refund of Medical Expenses incurred in connection with Medical Attendance and or treatment of University employees and their families
No Dues Form: Faculty/Non Faculty Staff
No Dues Form for Students
CUH Domain Email-ID Registration Form
PBAS Performas for Permotion Under CAS
Performa for Property Return By Group 'A', 'B' ,'C' Employees
PBAS Performas for Permotion Under CAS
LTC Advance Performa
Counting of Past Service
Leave Travel Concession Form
Application for Recouping of Imprest Advance.
Advance Settlement Performa
Proforma for issuance of potted plants for various occasions
Proforma for Guest House Booking
Proforma for Meal/Food Request