One Week International Virtual Workshop
(20-24 NOVEMBER 2023)

Timings: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (IST)

About The Workshop

About The Workshop

The academic community is strongly encouraged to publish only in journals of repute. UGC and globally renowned institutions refer to the list of journals which scholars are motivated to refer when publishing. This objective would not be fulfilled unless the stakeholders are not aware of the basics of research . The first step towards research career is to know the starting point of research. Subsequent questions are about which types of research articles exists and which types of article should be targeted at what time in research career. High rejection rate for research work of scholars globally is pointing towards the lack of skills of designing, writing different types of articles and publishing in premier journals. Every scholar want to publish in premier journal but they do not have access to the information related to above mentioned basic aspects of publishing. This workshop shall answer all these basic questions. This year the theme of workshop is 'How to Write Various Types of Research Articles'. World renowned Editor in Chiefs will discuss with participants about how to write different types of articles. We are proud to share that this year, the workshop has representation from the world's top journals which includes ABDC A*, UK ABS Level 4*, FT 50 List as expert speakers. We promise to give exposure to participants from the world's best researchers. From the list of 9 speakers, 7 are Editor in Chiefs (Current) and 1 Former Editor in Chief. You are welcome on board.

Mode of Workshop

The workshop will be held in virtual mode through Cisco WebEx. All participants will be given e-certificates after successful completion of workshop. Participants need to attend all the sessions for getting eligible for e-certificate.

Who Should Attend:

Faculty Members, Research Scholars, Executives from Industry and anyone who wishes to publish in top tier journals.


Monday to Friday
20-24 NOVEMBER 2023

Timings: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (IST)

Workshop Brochure

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Contact Information

  • Dr. Ranjan Aneja, Dean, School of Business and Management Studies, Central University of Haryana, +91 9896172123

  • Dr. Ajay Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Central University of Haryana, +91 8222082999

  • Dr. Suman, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Central University of Haryana, +91 9991993344

  • Dr. Amit Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism & Hotel Management, +91 9896211720

  • Workshop email Id:
  • Workshop Speakers

    Here are some of our speakers

    Speaker 1

    Prof. Arvind Rangaswamy

    Editor in Chief
    Journal of Interactive Marketing ABDC – A

    Speaker 2

    Prof. Babu L John Mariadoss

    Editor in Chief
    Marketing Intelligence & Planning ABDC - A

    Speaker 3

    Prof. Cleopatra Veloutsou

    Editor in Chief
    Journal of Product & Brand Management ABDC - A

    Speaker 4

    Prof. Gary Campbel

    Editor in Chief
    Resources Policy

    Speaker 5

    Prof. Giampaolo Viglia

    Editor in Chief
    Psychology & Marketing ABDC - A

    Speaker 5

    Prof. Gopal Das

    Associate Editor
    Psychology & Marketing ABDC - A

    Speaker 6

    Prof. Justin Paul

    Editor in Chief
    International Journal of Consumer Studies ABDC - A

    Speaker 12

    Prof. P K Kannan

    Associate Editor
    Journal of Marketing ABDC - A*

    Speaker 12

    Prof. Rebecca Hamilton

    Editor in Chief
    Journal of Marketing Research ABDC - A*

    Workshop Organizers

    Speaker 1

    Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar

    Workshop Patron

    Speaker 2

    Prof. Ranjan Aneja

    Workshop Director

    Speaker 3

    Dr. Ajay Kumar

    Workshop Convener

    Speaker 4

    Dr. Suman

    Workshop Organising Secretary

    Speaker 5

    Dr. Amit Kumar

    Workshop Organising Secretary

    Topic Details

    Here is the detail of the topics of the Workshop

    Name of the Speaker
    Topic Name
    Prof Arvind Rangaswamy
    What Does It Take To Publish in Top Journal
    Prof Babu L John-Mariadoss
    My Experience of Handling Empirical Papers as Editor in Chief
    Prof Cleopatra Veloutsou
    How To Write Conceptual Paper
    Prof Gary Campbell
    How To Publish in Quality International Journals: An EIC Perspective
    Prof Giampaolo Viglia
    How To Write Experimental Research Design Paper
    Prof Gopal Das
    Idea Generation For Behavioral Research
    Prof Justin Paul
    How To Write Effective Publishable Review Articles For Top Journals
    Prof P K Kannan
    How To Write An Effective Empirical Paper
    Prof Rebecca Hamilton 
    How To Write A Mixed Method Article For Top Journal

    Event Schedule

    Here is our event schedule

    Date of opening of registration: 01 August, 2023

    Date of closing registration: 10 November, 2023

    Date of workshop: 20-24 November 2023

    Duration of workshop: One week

    Workshop Fee

    Workshop Fee details are as below

    Students/scholars with CUH affiliation
    INR 1500
    Students/scholars from Indian Institutes
    INR 2000
    Faculty Members/Academicians from Indian Institutes
    INR 3000
    Students/scholars from foreign institutes
    USD 50
    Faculty Members/Academicians from foreign institutes
    USD 100
    Participants from industry/corporate sector
    INR 5000

    Note: Fee once paid will not be refunded in any case

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    Contact Us

    Dr. Ajay Kumar

    Assitant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Central University of Haryana

    +91 8222082999

    Dr. Suman

    Department of Commerce, Central University of Haryana

    +91 9991993344

    Dr. Amit Kumar

    Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism & Hotel Management

    +91 9896211720