XIII International Geographical Union (IGU)-INDIA


Heading towards Zero: Sustainable Development in Economy, Environment and Society.


  1. Geographical perspective to achieve sustainable development goals.
  2. Sacred cultural landscape.
  3. Land Use and Agriculture.
  4. Food System and Technology.
  5. Pollution and Urban Health.
  6. Health and Well being.
  7. Sustainable Education.
  8. Spatial Information Technology and Sustainable Development Goals.
  9. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction.
  10. Sustainable Regional development and Planning.
  11. Population and Demographic Dividend.
  12. Population resource dynamics
  13. Conservation of Biodiversity in Changing World
  14. Changing Alpine Ecosystem
  15. Livelihood Options in changing climate in the Himalaya.
  16. Distributive Justice: A prerequisite to Sustainable development

Note: Sub themes of the conference broadly cover the aspects of Sustainable Development in Economy, Environment and Society but are not limited to the sub themes explicitly mentioned here. Any other good quality research paper that relates to the focal theme may also be considered for presentation.

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