About the School

School of Engineering came to existence in 2016. The School is committed to produce highly skilled engineers through applied teaching, innovative curricula, and excellent research environment.

Currently, the School offers B.Tech., M.Tech., and Ph.D. programs. B.Tech. program is offered in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Printing and Packaging. M.Tech. program is offered in Energy Systems and Management, Computer Science and Engineering, and Structural Engineering.

The faculty of the School are involved in research and teaching. The mail research areas are advance materials, nanomaterials, speech recognition, electronics and electronic devices, computational mechanics, composite design and manufacturing, computation, water monitoring & treatment, smart structure & system etc. The faculty has also been acting as consultants to industry in India. During the last 5 years, more than 100 peer reviewed international papers have been published and more than 06 sponsored research projects are ongoing.

Departments of the School

Faculty Details

Prof. Phool Singh

Designation: Professor (Dean , School of Engineering & Technology)
Qualification: Ph.D.
Specialization: Mathematics
Email ID: phoolsingh@cuh.ac.in
Phone No. 01285260185
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Prof. Kalpana Chauhan

Designation: Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.
Specialization: Chemistry
Email ID: kalpanachauhan@cuh.ac.in
Contact No.:8627804688
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Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: PhD (Physics, IIT Bombay); PostDoc (USF, USA)
Specialization: physics
Email ID: manojksingh@cuh.ac.in
Contact No.:7237986500
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Ms. Preety Kumari

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.Sc, CSIR-NET, Ph.D( pursuing)
Specialization: (Mathematics) Mathematics Under School of Engineering & Technology
Email ID: preetyk@cuh.ac.in
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Dr. Amit Kumar

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.
Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry

Email ID: kumaramit@cuh.ac.in
Experience 9+ Years
Contact No.:+91-9599201220/8168068623
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Dr. Pinki Arora

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D. PGCTE, Certificate in German Lang.
Specialization: Marxist Literary Studies
Email ID: pinkiarora@cuh.ac.in
Contact No.: 9997877494
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Dr. Manish Kumar

Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification: MBA, Ph.D.
Specialization: Marketing and HR
Email ID:drmanishk@cuh.ac.in
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Dr. Anshu

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D. (Physics), M.Phil. (Physics)
Specialization: Physics

Email ID: anshuphysics@cuh.ac.in
Contact No.:+919413542121
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Dr. Chandni Devi

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D. (Physics), M.Phil. (Physics)
Department: School of Engineering & Technology

Specialization: Physics
Email ID: chandni@cuh.ac.in, bhattchandni84@gmail.com
Contact No: +91-8003691991
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Dr. Sudhir Kumar

Designation: Assistant Professor
Department:School of Engineering & Technology

Specialization:Mechanical Engineering
Email ID: sudhir@cuh.ac.in
Contact No:8958083894, 8077550093.
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Dr. Mohit Mittal

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.
Specialization: Mechanical Engineering

Email ID: mohit.30mittal@gmail.com
Contact No.:+91-9971698741
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Dr. Dushyant Kumar

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. Sc. (Env. Science), UGC NET-JRF, Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)
Specialization: Environmental pollution, monitoring and assessment, Water, wastewater treatment and recycling, Advanced oxidation process (AOPs), Biodegradation, Waste to value-added products

Email ID: dushyant@cuh.ac.in
Contact No.:+919456616266
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